What is Metamorphic virus?

What is

Metamorphic Virus is a type of a virus that can change the structure of the code in each iteration. These kinds of viruses are considered as a major threat to digital world. When compared with other kinds of viruses and malwares, metamorphic viruses are said to be more advanced.

How does metamorphic virus work?

Virus writers wanted to create a virus that will not get detected by signature-based virus scanners and the outcome was metamorphic virus. The problem is how does metamorphic viruses change the code structure. To change the code structure, metamorphic viruses use obfuscation techniques. One of the key features of metamorphic virus is that, though the structure of virus changes, functionality of the virus remains same.

How to detect metamorphic virus

With the advanced capabilities of metamorphic viruses, signature-based virus scanners have become useless. It is important to keep in mind that though metamorphic viruses are hard to detect it is not impossible to detect them.

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