“Look What I Found! Uh Oh… A USB.”

What is USB drop attack?

This type of attack has been used for years by everyone from lowly “script kiddies” to nation-state hacking groups. Depending on how it is deployed, it can be targeted to a single individual or organization or randomly distributed. A famous example of this attack is the Stuxnet worm, designed to destroy centrifuges at an Iranian nuclear plant. It is thought the worm was developed and distributed jointly by certain ally nations.

Air-gapped computers? With right social engineering techniques, can still be compromised with USB drop Attacks.

Why is this attack successful?

Types of USB drop Attacks

1. USB Human Interface Device (HID) Spoofing

Two of the most popular devices are the USB Rubber Ducky from Hak5 and the Malduino by Maltronics.

2. Malicious File/Code

3. Social Engineering Links

4. USB Kill

5. Zero Day

6.Reconnaissance and Deployment

References: https://www.cybrary.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/USB-Drop-Attack-Course-Notes.pdf

Be responsible and use your knowledge for good, together let’s make this world more secure.

Stay Safe

Happy Hacking!

Written by Ashan Vijay — 3rd Year 1st Semester -Cyber Security Student-SLIIT

First they begin with Us..