Hack Android with an Injected Malicious Application.

Where to begin with, hmmm…

So, What is Android?

Whats Next?

  1. You need to launch the Evil Droid script after getting it from GitHub,(Clone or Zip). It will auto check the missing dependencies and install them easily and automatically

Failed to verify signed artifacts[Fixed]

What is reverse_tcp ?

  • When your browser initiates a connection to google.com, we call it as forward connection. The connection goes from client(browser) to server(google.com).
  • When server wants to initiate the connection to client (it is very rare though!), we call it as reverse connection.
  • Most of the forward connection to servers are firewalled. So you just cannot initiate a connection, even if you compromise the server.
  • But most of the firewalls, allows connection initiated by the server to the external world.
  • So compromise the remote server and ask it to initiate the connection with your system. Then you issue commands to the remote server.




First they begin with Us..

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First they begin with Us..

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