Cyber Security News — Past 24 hours | 31.05.2021

COVID-19 — Phishing attacks target employees that come back to the office

The email’s body appears to have been sent from within the firm, having the firm’s logo in the header and being signed impersonating the CIO. The threat actor, posing as an executive, wrote a bogus newsletter describing the new safeguards and adjustments to business operations that the organization is implementing in response to the pandemic,” according to the Cofense research. The emails were crafted to steal company and personal credentials, they include a link to a fake Microsoft SharePoint page with two documents that outline new business operations. In other attacks observed by the experts, threat actors used fake validated credentials. « This campaign is another example of the types of attacks designed to compromise credentials and evade secure email gateways.» concludes the report.

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Half-Double Rowhammer Vulnerability Even Targets The Latest Chips

Security researchers from Google have shared details of a new Rowhammer vulnerability ‘Half-Double’ in a recent post. Rowhammer, first discovered in 2014, has been a major hardware security risk for DRAM chips for years. During this time, numerous iterations of this vulnerability have surfaced online that even affect the latest DDR3 and DDR4 chips. Even in early 2021, researchers shared details about another variant “SMASH” that impacts some of the latest DDR4 RAM cards. In the latest case of Half-Double, the researchers observed Rowhammer effects spreading beyond the adjacent rows. Though this happens with reduced strength. Still, it contrasts the traditional belief for Rowhammer to operate at a distance of one row.

The researchers have further explained this bug in a detailed white paper on GitHub. As they confirmed, by exploiting Half-Double, they could easily trigger errors on systems with the latest chips. Though, this bug doesn’t affect the older systems, highlighting the importance of shrinkage in cell geometries. Besides, Half-Double isn’t similar to the previously known Rowhammer (2014), TRRespass (2020), or other flaws. Due to the novelty of this vulnerability, it remains unaffected by the traditional Rowhammer defense mechanisms.

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Intel Announces Core i7–1195G7 And Core i5–1155G7 Tiger Lake-U Processors

Chip giant Intel on Sunday announced two new additions to the line-up of 11th Gen Tiger Lake-U Core processors for thin-and-light Windows-based laptops during a virtual presentation at the Computex 2021 trade show. The two new Tiger Lake CPUs are called Core i7–1195G7 and Core i5–1155G7 and have Intel’s Iris Xe integrated graphics. Coming to Intel i7–1195G7 CPU, it has a single-core turbo speed of up to 5GHz and all-cores speed of up to 4.6GHz, a 12 MB cache, and 96 graphics execution units.

By the end of this year, Acer, ASUS, and HP are expected to enable modern connected laptops with the Intel 5G Solution 5000 based on 11th Gen Intel Core U- and H-series processors.

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Can Your Business Email Be Spoofed? Check Your Domain Security Now!

Are you aware of how secure your domain is? In most organizations, there is an assumption that their domains are secure and within a few months, but the truth soon dawns on them that it isn’t.

How Do Attackers Spoof Your Domain?

Manipulating the domain name: Attackers can use your domain name to send emails to your unsuspecting recipients who can fall prey to their malicious intentions. Popularly known as direct-domain spoofing attacks, these attacks are especially harmful to a brand’s reputation and how your customers perceive your emails.

How Can a Low Domain Security Impact Your Organization?

As most organizations send and receive data through email, it is crucial that they use a secure connection in order to protect their brand. In the event of inadequate email security, it can lead to big problems for both enterprises and individuals. In terms of communication platforms, email is still the most widely used. Email sent out from a data breach or hack can be devastating for your organization’s reputation.

All of these factors make your domain more vulnerable to email fraud, impersonation, and domain abuse.
PowerDMARC is your one-stop email authentication SaaS platform that brings all the authentication protocols across a single pane of glass to make your emails safe again and improve your domain’s email security posture.

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