The Good

Urgent Chrome Update Released to Patch Actively Exploited Zero-Day Vulnerability

No matter how strong your bricks are, I will break them

Hey all!! Today I am going to discuss about hashcat, the world’s fastest password cracking tool. Don’t worry if you do not know anything about cyber security. …

The Good

Google to Auto-Reset Unused Android App Permissions for Billions of Devices

if I have it in my database I will exploit it

Hey all, Today I will be talking about Metasploit Framework. The Metasploit Framework is a modular, Ruby-based penetration testing platform that lets you write, test, and run exploit code. You may use the Metasploit Framework to test security vulnerabilities…

Hey guys, I got to know from one of my lecturers about a website with many CTF practice challenges called (, so I decided to try A few challenges and practice.

I found this challenge called “Scavenger hunt” and this challenge sounded pretty interesting, and I started to do it.

Though you Try to hide you can never hide from me

Hey all today I am going to discuss about NMAP (Network Mapper). Nmap has achieved mass following from system administrators, security and network engineers, incident response teams, firewall administrators, penetration testers, desktop administrators, and domain administrators. Anyone who has…

US authorities have seized two domains supposedly selling unapproved drugs for the prevention or treatment of Covid-19 while falsely posing as sites run by Walmart. In this corona pandemic season this illegal drugs selling activity is a massive crime which threaten to people and their healthy who suffering from Covid-19.


Twitter Launches Safety Mode To Block Abusive Comments

Is your Request an Original one? Are you sure about that?

Hey all, Today I will be talking about Burp Suite. Burp Suite is one of the most popular penetration testing and Vulnerability scanning tools out there that is used for web applications. This is mostly referred to as “Burp”…


First they begin with Us..

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